We develop Market Research through Advergames
with Business Intelligence tools to get results in real time

Market research helps us to get to know our clients and their products better. Today, thanks to Playnfo, that research is just a click away. At Playnfo, we develop video games for web and mobile devices that gather player information which can then be uploaded to our Business Intelligence system in a way that is graphic, comprehensive, and customizable. This way, you can do your market research easily, without extra effort or investments.



Why innovate with us?

Because advergames help you to...

Reach more users
People are generally reluctant to fill in forms or answer questionnaires about themselves and their opinions, but advergames offers an alternative. By playing a short game, companies can obtain valuable data and have brand interaction with a customer in a dynamic and fun way.

Exposure and brand retention
The games adapt themselves regarding the communication strategy that wants to be done. This way, with graphics and iconic elements, the brand gets exposed to the user permanently, letting the players to strongly retain the image and the message.

Focus on target audience
Each business unit has a target audience they want to reach. Playnfo customizes the game, adapting it to the communications needs of the client in order to achieve the intended goals.

Because the B.I will give you...

Easy access to the information
The results are shown in an intelligent way under a graphical, friendly and intuitive interface, to which is possible to access at any time and from any device.

While the user is playing and having fun, he is giving sensitive data in real time that identifies him. Not only the database is being created but is also being segmented by useful features.

Enriched Market Research
Data can be crossed to provide customized reports to each company immediately, giving the most efficient support for decision making.