We turn Market Research into Videogames
that capture the information required by the customer using technological innovation,
reducing costs and providing immediate results.

Technological Innovation
The videogames are strategically developed for the player to make decisions, interacting with the brand, choosing options, etc; answering the questions the customer needs for their research being either A/B testing, mindset, etc.

Lower costs
The Advergame methodology allows to reduce costs thanks to the B.I system, which digitalizes data instantly avoiding the manual processing and offering a paperless solution. Besides, we have an active community of gamers which helps us solve the sample for the research and that also, multiplies in a natural way because of the game viralization through the social media.

Immediate results
The results are captured in real time and stored in a data cube that allows the customer to interlace, filter and analyze in a custom way with the freedom to handle the information quickly and with instant results.

Playnfo, turnkey solution

Grasp the customer needs and turn it into an innovative solution in every aspect.

First request

Take care of the customer need establishing key data needed for the Market Research.

Game Proposal

With the established requirements we set a videogame proposal, from the mechanic, graphics, technology, support (web, tablet, mobile) and the strategy to grasp the data that is presented to the client.

Videogame development

Once the customer is pleased with the proposal we start the game development, operation of the Business Intelligence system and access to the data analysis panel.


We offer the client a solution for the sampling where we expand the research spreading the game in our gaming platform Onagama and through the viral effect of recommendations in social networks.

Obtaining results

Once the game is online, it will start grasping the required data and the customer could access the analytic board at every time to check results in real time.